Advice for the newly virtual leader

Curtis Sprouse

Work has changed for everyone. Many have been furloughed or laid off, while others navigate the challenges of working at home full time. Managers at every level must now readjust their processes and learn new ways to lead, inspire, and communicate to employees. This includes the use of digital platforms like Zoom, GoToMeeting, Slack, WebEx, and so on.

This new way of work may be challenging for some. As a result, people must consider changes that will help them achieve their goals at work. A May 1, 2020 article in Harvard Business Review poses five questions that newly virtual leaders should ask themselves. The author challenges leaders to pause and identify what must be changed, not only to sustain, but to strengthen skills in a virtual setting, particularly when teams are looking for leadership more than ever.

The first question asks: Am I being strategic enough?

Read the HBR article here.