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EurekaConnect Behavioral Dynamics
EurekaConnect Behavioral Dynamics
EurekaConnect Behavioral Dynamics

What we offer

Behavioral Dynamics

ECBD customized programs focus on the needs of individuals, teams and organizations. Marrying validated assessment instruments and technology to model leadership characteristics, our process is not a conceptual program. We use proprietary models to guide individual, team and organizational development.

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What we offer

Executive Forum

The ECEF advances the educational and capital solutions required by the academic, scientific, and technology communities to increase the flow of technology to the market place. ECEF helped to form the IBE Inc.

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EurekaConnect Executive Forum

Driving impact

  • Curtis seamlessly blends organizational expertise with a keen understanding of individual growth.
    Katia Vandevelde at BVI Medical
  • EurekaConnect is catered to understanding the individual
    Clark Winchell
    Clark Winchell Senior Director, Clinical Quality Assurance at Ora, Inc.
  • The ECBD assessment and interpretation by Curtis is significantly impacting both my personal and professional development
    Marissa Rylander
    Marissa Rylander Assistant Professor at University of Texas at Austin
  • Great for emphasizing strengths, explaining behavioral tendencies, and setting up a framework for correcting one's own bad habits
    Todd Taber
    Todd Taber Manager at Alcon

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