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We use proven technology and data driven solutions that objectively and measurably improve organizational performance.

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EurekaConnect Behavioral Dynamics
EurekaConnect Behavioral Dynamics
EurekaConnect Behavioral Dynamics

What we offer

Behavioral Dynamics

ECBD customized programs focus on the needs of individuals, teams and organizations. Marrying validated assessment instruments and technology to model leadership characteristics, our process is not a conceptual program. We use proprietary models to guide individual, team and organizational development.

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What we offer

Executive Forum

The ECEF advances the educational and capital solutions required by the academic, scientific, and technology communities to increase the flow of technology to the market place. ECEF helped to form the IBE Inc.

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EurekaConnect Executive Forum

Driving impact

  • Working with Curtis and his team is always a pleasure and you will always be constructively challenged to do better
    Andrew Robinson
    Andrew Robinson Senior Vice President Emerging Markets at Coloplast
  • Self discovery was catalyzed by a plethora of Golden-Knoledge information & tips, plus rich & frank conversations masterly lead by Curtis
    Juan Obach
    Juan Obach Head of Financial Planning and Analysis LACAR Region - Latin America & Caribean at Alcon
  • my first session with Curtis left me somewhat speechless! In the first 5 minutes he told me more about myself than I ever thought possible.
    Brian Craft
    Brian Craft Director, US Field Service at Alcon
  • Curtis and his brilliant cohorts of the IBE create a collision space like non other to foster innovation and give people the insight to go a
    Tammy Dorsey
    Tammy Dorsey Founder and CEO at Prenatal Hope

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