ECEF launches Institute for Biomedical Entrepreneurship

The EurekaConnect Executive Forum (ECEF) launched its inaugural meeting of industry executives from pharmaceutical, biotech, venture, academic, government and supporting Industries in September of 2015 with the goal of developing a new model that would address the knowledge gap and funding gap that slows or halts the advancement of science and technology that will save lives and improve health and wellness.

As a result of the September meeting and subsequent work done by the ECEF members, the Institute for Biomedical Entrepreneurship (IBE) has been founded. This organization will be the entity that carries out the plan of action developed by the ECEF members. From April 14-15, the growing ECEF membership will meet again at the Executive Forum in Boston to refine the Education initiative and Accelerator model, (IBE) that is being put in place to address this significant opportunity, to better leverage the extensive research done at academic institutions and small start-ups more efficiently using resources and capital.

>>>View the IBE Executive Summary.

>>>View the IBE Fact Sheet.

The IBE’s Accelerator arm will provide returns to investors, a clear path to capital and improved efficiency at each stage of the process. If you are interested in learning more or joining this movement, please contact