Forbes: Coaching skills all leaders should possess

In today's workplace, more and more professionals are making use of an executive coach, according to William Arruda, a personal branding pioneer and consultant who founded Reach Personal Branding, and bestselling author of books on executive branding. Arruda’s article quotes International Coach Federation (ICF) Executive Director Magda Mook:

“The trend is very real. There’s a growing number of leaders and managers eager to adopt a coaching style to their work environment. More and more companies and organizations are providing this kind of training to their best performers.”

Research cited by Magda says that 81% of the organizations surveyed planned to expand their scope of managers/leaders using coaching skills. By comparison, they plan a 72% increase in the use of internal coaches and a 35% increase in the use of external coaches. As a result, Arruda put together an article offering tips for being a great coach. With that goal, Arruda reached out to some folks who he deemed to be the most revered and successful executive coaches to get their best advice for leaders who want to integrate coaching into their daily grind.

The first tip, from executive coach Ora Shtull, founder of OraCoaching, says that in order to go from good to great, every manager need only adopt a coach’s number one tool: The question. A question can open a conversation, show trust, and encourage courage. “What is your view on this?” “How might you solve a problem?” are just a few examples.

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