Leadership tips for senior executives during COVID-19

Curtis Sprouse

In this month’s blog, I talk about why its more important than ever that we practice grit and kindness in all aspects of life. This includes your career, despite how tough that might be right now for some. An article I read from Punit Renjen, Deloitte Global CEO, puts forth an excellent guide for resilient leadership that may prove quite useful for senior executives.

In the article, Renjen describes five fundamental qualities of resilient leadership that distinguish a successful CEO as they guide their companies and teams through the global pandemic. These include;

  1. Designing from the heart and the head
  2. Putting the mission first
  3. Aiming for speed over elegance
  4. Owning the narrative
  5. Embracing the long view

For each of these qualities, he goes into great detail and provides real-life examples on how to take specific steps to mitigate negative impacts from the crisis while helping to strengthen an organization. I highly recommend reading this article, no matter where you and your company stand as a result of COVID-19.

>>> Read the article here.