Why successful leaders have peer mentors

Of particular relevance to my article on the Mentor Accountability Program is this piece from Business Insider, which highlights a number of reasons that successful leaders use peer mentors.

Many experts say that the most successful leaders are those who actively seek feedback and advice from the people they work with, according to the article.

Suzanne Bates, CEO of Bates Communications and author of the book “All the Leader You Can Be,” notes that seeking feedback on your performance is paramount to developing executive presence, which she defines as “the qualities of a leader that engage, inspire, align, and move people to act.

Bates goes on to tell Business Insider that “people who have peer mentors (and mentors), tend to rise faster through their organization that people who do not use them. A peer mentor, she says, is someone who holds a similar level position as you, and is someone who will help you think of yourself as “someone with something to give.”

Read the Business Insider article.